Saturday’s Community WOD!!

Come joins us for our community WOD!

Come joins us for our community WOD!


In teams of 2 complete

”Go Team GO”

4 Stations consisting of the following:
1) ‘Mini Cindy’ – 3 pull ups/6 push ups/9 squats
2) 15 KB swings(1.5 pood / 1 pood)
/10 Burpees
3) 15 wall ball shots/ 10 SDHP (1.5 pood / 1 pood)
4) 15 box jumps/10 ring dips


The two atletes work simultaneously and may start at whichever station they want.  Each station is an AMRAP for 5 minutes. There is a 1 minute rest/transition period in between stations. Post total number of rounds completed from each team for score.


*****WOD may be adjusted based on the number of athlete present but regardless, you guys will have fun!! 


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